The Best Paw Paw Ever

In 2002 my life changed for the better in two major ways. I became a mom and that elicited the second major change that happened. My dad was back in my life. You see my dad was physically absent but indirectly present and I’ll explain further in a minute.

I was in the hospital holding my new baby when I got a knock at the door. It was my dad. Now that may not seem odd to most, but for us, it was a bit shocking. My dad and I had no real relationship. Even though my dad lived in the house behind my grandma’s house, you would imagine living in such close proximity we would have had some type of daddy-daughter moments. But not in our case and that was a huge issue. See, when my mom and dad divorced, he divorced me too. Our new relationship was based on whenever his girlfriend wanted me around (and that wasn’t often), true emergencies, or us bumping into each other at the grocery store. But this time was different, here he was at the hospital to see me!

He walked in Daddy and left out the best Pawpaw ever. Now, the love between him and my children is priceless. He would no doubt do anything for them and through their bond, it has also brought he and I closer. My dad and I have come a long way. He went from being absent to being within reach, to being barely present to completely supportive. Last year he was even at my mom’s family reunion. My children talk to him regularly, he showers them with love, and is quick to hand out large bills to them just because and if I hold my hand out I might just get blessed too!

It only took 22 years for us to get here but I’m grateful for him. I’m divorced and I have 3 children now. I haven’t had the most successful relationships with men until recently and I know it was due to my “daddy” issues, but I’m proud to say I’m working through those and I’m happy.

It only took 22 years for us to get here but I’m grateful for him. I appreciate my Daddy’s growth and besides, I don’t know what he went through growing up or as a younger man. Either way, I love him and I know that he loves me too. He probably loves my children even more because now he gets to do it right and that’s perfectly fine with me. My dad is the best Pawpaw ever and a pretty cool daddy now!

Meet the Author: Quinn CJ

Quinn CJ is a Registered Nurse and Intimacy Coach/Owner of Platio Experience in Dallas, TX. She also has a YouTube channel focusing on dating, women’s health, and sexuality for women over 30.

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