Our Mission

Daughter Restored is a platform for women impacted by fatherlessness around the world to share their stories. This space exists in order for each of us to not only be vulnerable, but also to encourage one another in the healing process. Daughter Restored is not a space to bash our fathers or wallow in sadness over what was lost, but to acknowledge the impact that fatherlessness has on women, and restore what was lost through Christ.

Women Holding Hands

Our Vision

While the effects of Fatherlessness can vary from person to person, one thing remains the same: We need our fathers! Thankfully, we don’t have to be bound by the impacts of fatherlessness. God, our father, can restore us! Through this blog, we will share stories of restoration, tips, and ways to overcome the stigma of being a fatherless daughter. 

We believe all fatherless women can be restored through Christ. 

♥ Why Daughter Restored?: From the exact time that we lost our fathers, whether we were babies, little girls, or young women, we have had a void that only our fathers can fill. Our relationships with our fathers is our first healthy relationship with a man, and without that relationship we miss out on key experiences that are vital to our development as young women. These experiences are what develop our self confidence, self esteem, value, self-love, etc.

♥ Who Is a Fatherless Daughter?:A study conducted by Denna Babul and Karen Luise (of The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives) found that Fatherlessness is a loss of an emotional bond between a father and a daughter due to one of the following reasons:


Emotional Absence






Never having met their father